Earn Free XBOX Live Gold Codes

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are you running short on funds on Xbox? Then you definitely need to check out Kiwipoints and their free Xbox wallet codes system. Yes, we are talking about a website that gives away free codes but in exchange they want you to do a couple of small tasks for them. Which is quite fair, you get your games and they get your valuable input and help. There are thousands of websites that claim to give you free Xbox wallet codes but nearly all of them are scams or don’t work at all.

Some of them are downright malicious in their intent and might steal your credit card number or personal info. So it is absolutely imperative that you remain vigilant when using websites that have a ton of ads on them. Thankfully, Kiwipoints is a clean and simple to use website that does what it advertises; give you free Xbox wallet codes. Sure, it may seem like a suspicious offer but it does work and they’re not giving away free Xbox wallet codes either. You’ll have to put in the time and a little bit of effort to complete the tasks and earn points to purchase ease your free Xbox wallet codes. Sure, you don’t have to spend your own money or give any kind of credit card information on the website but you are still spending some time on it.

What Are Xbox Wallet Codes?

The Xbox wallet codes are basically codes that enter a certain amount of dollars into your Xbox account. This way you can do purchases on the Xbox store and get video games, movies, or add-ons to your favorite games without having to enter any kind of personal information. You don’t even have to attach your credit card or PayPal to the Xbox website or console in order to purchase is videogames if you get free Xbox wallet codes.

How Does Kiwipoints Work?

The very first thing you need to do is to visit the website and make an account. You’ll need a valid email ID to verify your account and once that’s done you’ll be able to log into the website. After that, you can navigate to the offers/tasks page and see what tasks you can do. The task can change daily and will refresh after a while so it is wise to check them out whenever you get free time. There are a ton of different tasks available on Kiwipoints you can visit websites, watch videos, check out some ads, fill in forms, do surveys, and even download and play video games in order to gain points on the website.

Once you have enough points of the website you can go to the reading page and get your free Xbox wallet codes. It is as simple as it sounds but it will take you some time to get the minimum amount of work. If you have free time and want to get some dollars into your Xbox wallet, Kiwipoints is one of the best ways to go.

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