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If you are like us and want to get free Minecraft gift codes then Kiwipoints is one of the best sources for you. We just wanted to get a few Minecraft gift codes but every website we visited was full of ads and didn’t even give us any codes after all the work we put in. Not Kiwipoints though, this is the only website that is clean, fast and does what it says it will do; give free Minecraft gift codes.

You have every right to be suspicious right now, believe us, we were too. However, Kiwipoints makes it really simple to understand how it works and how it gives away free Minecraft gift codes. Everything is explained and is simple to understand. The catch? Kiwipoints doesn’t just give away codes, you have to do simple and easy tasks to get them. Technically this means you have to do some work and get Minecraft gift codes for doing actual work, it is compensation for your time.

Sounds pretty good right? We think so too, so let’s get you up to speed on how Kiwipoints and how you can get free Minecraft gift codes yourself!

What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft is an open world sandbox videogame designed to allow unprecedented freedom to the players. The players are completely free in how they play the game, build or share their creations. This is why it is extremely popular and has a cult-like following.

How to Use Kiwipoints?

One of the best things about Kiwipoints is how simple it is to use. The website is designed to keep the clutter away from you and present all the options in an easy to understand and even easier to see.

 To use Kiwipoints you need to visit the website Kiwipoints.com and click on register. This will make a dedicated account for you so you can do tasks and earn Kiwipoints. After you are done with the registration, you need to verify the email account and then simply log in the website with your new account.

Then navigate to the Offers page and select the offers you want to do. The offers are simple tasks you can do in a couple of minutes to earn points. The tasks range from doing simple surveys to watching a couple of ads. Some of them will task you with downloading and playing a new videogame, this task is my personal favorite because it is so much fun to play games and earn points.

After you’ve done some tasks, you will have some points to redeem for Minecraft gift codes. Then you can head over to Kiwipoints.com/gifts/Minecraft and click on the claim button. You can select the number of points you want to redeem by using the drag down menu as well.

That’s it, you will get a Minecraft code to redeem in-game and get in-game credit to spend on anything you want!

Free Codes

This is how simple Kiwipoints is and it works flawlessly. You will need to spend your spare time doing tasks and that’s all you need to do to gain Minecraft gift codes!

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