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There is something amazing about earning free PayPal funds and Kiwipoints knows it quite well. The sense of freedom PayPal funds provide is astounding, you can actually buy a lot of stuff without any worries and the best part is PayPal is accepted by almost all major vendors and service providers.

So how can you get free PayPal funds without spending your own money? It’s simple, you simply use Kiwipoints to earn them. Kiwipoints is a website that allows you to complete small tasks in exchange for points that you can redeem for free PayPal funds. That is all there is to it and it works flawlessly, all you need is an active Internet connection and some free time on your hands and you’ll be on your way to earn free PayPal funds.

Is trustworthy? Absolutely. We understand that you might be asking what if they are run away with my time and effort. They wouldn’t be in the business for a long then. Kiwipoints has been providing this quality service for a while now and it really works without any flaws or issues, just make sure you have a good Internet connection to complete various offers.

What Are PayPal Funds?

PayPal funds are just money, that’s it, it is just money that is stored virtually on a PayPal account. Which you can then use to purchase anything you want from various vendors including Amazon, eBay, PlayStation network, Microsoft store and a lot more. PayPal makes it easier for you to purchase things overseas as well, making payments cost less and almost instantaneous. So if you wanted that cute plushy from Japan, PayPal funds are one of the best ways to go about it.

How Does Kiwipoints Work?

Kiwipoints is a straightforward website that allows you to log in, do some offers, earn some points, and cash out with your free PayPal funds. That is all there is to it but in order to do that, you’ll have to register on Kiwipoints.com first.

Simply head over to the website, enter your personal information and make sure you enter a valid email ID. This way your Kiwipoints account can be verified and you’ll retain all the points you earn on the website. Once logged in, head over to the offers page to look at what offers there are for you to complete. There are hundreds of offers on the table at any time so you won’t be looking for a long. You can complete surveys, watch ads, download video games, solve some puzzles and a lot more to earn points.

Once you have enough points, you can head over to the redeem page and select the number of points you want to redeem for free PayPal funds. After that, you’ll be given either a code or you’ll need to enter your own PayPal account to cash out. The best part is, you can invite your friends and earn 5% of their total earnings as well. It’s a great way to make extra PayPal funds passively.

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