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Ever thought there has to be a way to get Roblox points? Well, so did we but were disappointed to know there were more scams than legitimate ways to earn them. Thankfully, Kiwipoints made it quite easier to gain Roblox points for and we have been having a lot of fun now.

You might be thinking, “Wait, a website gives you Roblox points?” and the answer is a simple yes. However, they aren’t exactly, you will be doing some simple tasks to gain them. Think of them more as a payment for your time, but technically you don’t have to purchase anything or even give them your credit card information which keeps you safer and secure.

This also means that anyone can do the tasks anytime and gain Roblox points through Kiwipoints. That fact makes this website invaluable in our eyes, you can do the tasks anywhere as well as long as you have an active internet connection and some time. Pretty sweet right? So let’s get started on how you can get your hands on some Roblox points!

What Is Roblox

Roblox is an incredible game that allows you to explore, build and share a lot of stuff with your friends. The game is an open-world sandbox experience that gives serious creative freedom to the players and this is exactly why it is so popular.

How to Use Kiwipoints

The first step is to go to and clicking on the register button. This allows you to make a Kiwipoints account that you can use to gain Roblox points without much effort. This also allows you to save up points without losing them. Simply log into your account and all your previously gained points will be right there waiting for you.

After you have registered your account on the website. Make sure you open up your email account and verify it for a smoother experience. Once settled in, go to the “Offers” tab and click on the offer providers. There are multiple of them so you have a lot of choices there. You can browse the offers to find the one you like and then do the simple task they have listed. The tasks range from doing surveys to playing some videogame and can usually be completed in a couple of minutes. Some tasks may take longer but they usually pay out more points so you are always compensated for your effort.

After you’ve done some tasks and gained some Kiwipoints on the website, now it is time to redeem those points for Roblox points. All you need to do is log in again to the website, head over to kiwipoints.come/gifts/Roblox and click on the claim button. You might need to select the number of points you want to redeem from the drop-down menu.

Tons of Fun

That’s it that was all you needed to do to get Roblox points on Kiwipoints. Now you can have a ton of fun with the added funds you have in your game account.


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