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Get paid for answering to targeted surveys, we have a huge list of surveys that you can do all day long.

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You can earn points while you sleeping when you refer your friend and users via social media.

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Are you tired of substandard websites taking your valuable time and giving nothing in return? Then you have to check Kiwipoints, a website that gives away stuff in exchange for your time!

That’s right, Kiwipoints is a clean and simple to follow website that makes it easier for you to do simple tasks and earn rewards doing so! Are you skeptical about it? Good, because we were too. A website that doesn’t do shady stuff and does what it advertises? That sounds like a dream right? We thought so too.

But Kiwipoints works flawlessly and we tested it ourselves!

What Is Kiwipoints

Kiwipoints is a simple website that offers your rewards in the shape of gift cards and prepaid videogame cards for doing easy tasks like watching ads or doing a survey. That’s it, there is no catch to it. There are no hidden ads that will pop up every time you want to click on anything, no malicious links that will take you to shady websites and no scams that will take your time and effort and give nothing in return.

How to Use Kiwipoints

Using Kiwipoints is fairly simple. All you need to do is to head over at, register your account and start using the website.

>To register, simply press the “Register” button. This will take you to another screen where you can write your details. Nothing too fancy needed here either, simply give your email address, set a username and a password and you are ready to go.

One major point to note here is that you should always give your own email ID that you have access to. This is because Kiwipoints will send you a verification email. You need to go to your inbox, open that email and click on the verification link before you are able to use Kiwipoints.

That’s it, after that simply enter your email address and the password you set and you are ready to use Kiwipoints.

How to Earn Points

You can navigate to the offers page, select the offer you like and do simple tasks. The number of points you get for doing the task is also written clearly so you can do whatever you like the most. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete a task as well so there isn’t a need to do them in one go. You can do them whenever you feel like it.

After that, you can redeem the points in exchange for Robux points, Minecraft currency or PSN credit. Everything is clearly listed as well. Select the number of points you want to redeem and select the claim. That’s it, now you have actual compensation for all your efforts. Now you can do offers again whenever you want and gain actual rewards for doing them.

What gifts cards kiwipoints can be used for